Green Man Costume
Get your Green Man Costume that Charlie from It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia wears for halloween, greatest costume ever...
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The Oracle Of Bacon
Find what degree of seperation any actor/actress has with Kevin Bacon and what movies they were in.
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The Bubble Project
This site posts these blank speech bubbles on top of advertisements throughout New York City allowing anyone who sees them to write in their comments and thoughts.
Spell Your Name With Naked People
I wonder who these models are and why they would succumb to this line of work. I'm pretty sure being a naked letter model is one step above being a prostitute.
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The Pussy Snorkel
If your girlfriends got a stinky puss, than this will be perfect for you, or if you just munch on rug that hasn't been 'vacumed' in a while, you might wanna take a look at this product.
Give Him A Towel
Help a guy out, donate this guy a towel... Towelie would be in heaven.
The Dinner Time Telemarketer
The dialogue of a guy about to eat dinner and a telemarketer from the 'United Independent Universal Environmental Awareness Group'. Quite Funny.
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Terrorism Security Warnings
"If you are trapped with no hope of being found, amuse yourself in your final moments with shadow puppets."
The Never Ending Picture Frame
Be sure to take your daily dosage of acid before this one...
101 Ways to Annoy Your Co-workers
They annoy you day in and day out. Here are 101 ways for you to slowly drive them crazy.
Crazy Thoughts
If someone owns a piece of land, do they own it all the way to the center of the earth?
Who Wants a Mustache Ride?
A picture inside of a picture inside of a picture.
Cum Shot Photoshop Tutorial
Learn how to make your friends have cumshots on their faces via photoshop.
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Another Gem
I have no way of describing this.
Make Your Own Bush Speech
Put words together and have Bush say it. Pretty entertaining...

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