Why Is Google Always Suggesting Twilight?
Why is it that whenever I search for something on google, they suggest something about twilight?
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A Bunch Of Funny Names For Your Wi-fi Network
Everyone loves going on their laptop in hopes of finding an open internet source to use and seeing a network called 'steamybabybatter'. Here are some other similarily fashioned wi-fi names found in the wild.
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A Chart Of When I Play Games On My iPhone
Here is an interesting chart I created of the times I actually play the games that are on my iPhone.
A Clever Guitar Store Front
Bonus: all the dials go up to 11.
Underwear Warning
Lets just hope it's not dark...
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Girls Are Turned On By Weaklings
I never knew I could turn girls on by just doing my daily activities, like getting beat up, and not being able to move large objects, etc...
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Jesus At A Party
Jesus, you can't drink, you're the designated driver!
Ghetto Shopping Cart
That's it for me, I've gotta get some grocery shopping done. Till next week...
Which NBA Team Has the Best Dancers?
And by best dancers, I mean which ones are the hottest... Nobody really cares about how good they dance.
Check Out My Guns
I just wanted to show you guys my guns and my sweet guitar hero guitars.
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Who Sucks The Most? Vote With Your Gum
The people have spoken...
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The Internet Is Full, Go Away
Here's me (right) at the sweet halloween party I went to last Friday! I got laid like 4 times all thanks to my shirt.
Best Of Wet T-Shirt Contest
In a wet t-shirt contest, it's not all about who wins and loses, it's about seeing a lot of women with soaking wet white t-shirts on.
The 2008 Sema Show
Here's a few of the craziest modded-out rides from the 2008 SEMA (Specialty Equipment Marketing Association) show.
This Is Why Obama Won
This is exactly why Obama won, right here...

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