Cover The Red Dot
Cover the big red dot with the smaller grey dots. Its harder then you think. It took me roughly 20-30 trys to get it... Or I'm just an idiot. Who knows.


Posted by Yo Bro on 0000-00-00 at 21:18:00
Come on suckers!!!

Posted by Yo on 0000-00-00 at 21:16:55
This should be so easy. Can't you do it. You must suck!!!!!

Posted by andrew on 0000-00-00 at 16:45:01
i cant do it

Posted by dusty on 0000-00-00 at 09:08:04
this is so stupid! does anyone know how to solve this? i can show you how to cover the dot! ill put my big fat hand over the stupid red dot!

Posted by Rubes. on 0000-00-00 at 06:10:42
Smile :) x

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