A Very Lucky Bastard Wins On Price Is Right
This bastard wins a whole lotta shit on the price is right... I'm hoping he will have horrible, horrible luck for the rest of his miserable life.
Posted: 2008-11-18 Video   Comments
The World's Greatest Ass Competition
The world's greatest ass competition is something I probably wouldn't mind going to...
Posted: 2008-11-18 Video   Comments
FBC Senior Adult Choir perform Hip Hop
Sure some of them would have died, but they could have at least smoked a few blunts while doing this whole hip-hop performance.
Posted: 2008-11-18 Video   Comments (3)
Guy Falls Face First Down Escalator
Escalators are a tricky thing to learn...
Posted: 2008-11-17 Video   Comments
Biker Faceplants
His cries of agony after his faceplant make this video even more awesomer.
Posted: 2008-11-17 Video   Comments
Fat Man Run Over By Golf Cart
This fat bastard tries to get a golf cart unstuck from a mound of dirt and ends up getting run over.
Posted: 2008-11-17 Video   Comments
Ghetto Shopping Cart
That's it for me, I've gotta get some grocery shopping done. Till next week...
Posted: 2008-11-14 Picture   Comments
Guy Dives Into Lake, Misses Lake
Despite the laugh of the guy guy/girl video taping who makes me want to stab myself with a dull rusty knife, this video ends up being rather enjoyable to watch.
Posted: 2008-11-14 Video   Comments
Rollerblader Attempts To Jump Fence
There's always an easier and less painful way to get over a fence than by using a jump and rollerblades, just ask any Mexican...
Posted: 2008-11-14 Video   Comments (2)
How To Make Green Beer
St. Patrick's Day is coming up here in about 4 months, it's never too early to learn the green beer trick, I mean all the cool kids will be doing it...
Posted: 2008-11-14 Video   Comments
Best Of Craigslist: Don't Shave Your Ass Hair
Don't be put off by my image, there is not pictures in this article, just a disgusting story of one man's ass shaving endeavor.
Posted: 2008-11-14 Video   Comments (1)
Little Kid Gets Ass Pummeled By Skateboard
Something tells me this is the first foreign object to be inserted into this kid's asshole...
Posted: 2008-11-14 Video   Comments
Woman Drives Through Restaraunt
Whats with all these damn idiots running through buildings with their cars lately??
Posted: 2008-11-14 Video   Comments
Which NBA Team Has the Best Dancers?
And by best dancers, I mean which ones are the hottest... Nobody really cares about how good they dance.
Posted: 2008-11-14 Picture   Comments
Guy Runs Over Front Of Car
This idiot runs over the front of a car while pulling out of a parking spot right in front of a cop. We can only assume it was a woman.
Posted: 2008-11-14 Video   Comments
Webcam Dancer Ends Poorly
Any webcam girl video that doesn't end with a naked girl is no good in my book, but this is probably worse.
Posted: 2008-11-14 Video   Comments
RBI Baseball - The Bunt Home Run
This game will bring you back... Here's the unstoppable bunt homerun.
Posted: 2008-11-13 Video   Comments
A Minivan Stoppie
That's about what my van was looking like last night while I was plowing some fat girl in it.
Posted: 2008-11-12 Video   Comments
More Lil' Bill O'Reilly
Lil' Bill O'Reilly is back with his views on the election results.
Posted: 2008-11-12 Video   Comments
Guy Uses Balls To Jump On Pogo Stick
When will these people learn pogo sticks are out, jump ropes are back in though.
Posted: 2008-11-12 Video   Comments
Douche Attempts To Break Table Via Back Flop
Nobody really needs a back anyway...
Posted: 2008-11-12 Video   Comments
Another Lady Runs Through A Store
Here's another dumbass lady that runs through a store with her car.
Posted: 2008-11-12 Video   Comments (1)
Stop Motion London
Here's about 3000 pictures mashed together to make a nice video of London, with a soundtrack of a remix of Daft Punk's 'Harder Better Faster Stronger'.
Posted: 2008-11-12 Video   Comments (1)
Check Out My Guns
I just wanted to show you guys my guns and my sweet guitar hero guitars.
Posted: 2008-11-11 Picture   Comments (12)
Palin Offered $2M To Appear In Porn Movie
Florida-based porn director Cezar Capone has offered to pay Palin $2 million to appear in an adult film production. Husband Todd has been offered a co-starring role for $100,000, and a new Arctic Cat snowmobile.
Posted: 2008-11-11 News   Comments

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